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Pelg-grammar Cyber Law Chapter (Pelg-grammar CLC)

1. Pelg-grammar is a brand of www.pelggrammar.com
2. Pelg-grammar writes in two ways:
  • Pelg-grammar 
  • Pelggrammar
Both names do not have specific writing methods or non case-sensitive.
3. Pelg-grammar also uses other legal names or title, as follows:
  • Pelg English Grammar (e.g. on facebook fan page) 
  • Pelg English

4. Pelg-grammar or www.pelggrammar.com is ONLY published under main domain of blogspot.com or blogger.com
5. Rasyid Habibie (Herman Nz/Net Herman) is the real owner of www.pelggrammar.com
6. Jean.Rasyid@gmail.com is the only kinds of email used in related to www.pelggrammar.com
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8. We admit, appreciate and give many thanks to other sites or blogs which include our link, our domain name or our title as a backlink without using ours property for commercial uses.
9. Domain of "www.pelggrammar.com" launched on: November 02,2016 (registered in sufanet[dot]com)

From the Pelg-grammar CLC above, we finally state that:

We, pelg-grammar, pelg english grammar, www.pelggrammar.com, jean rasyid, rasyid habibie, our authors, herman nz, net herman do not take any responsibility of other persons or sites which uses www.pelggrammar.com or pelg-grammar domain name (mentioned in Pelg-grammar CLC) for their own purposes since we do not have any partners, cooperations, relations, or to delegate to a person or a site.
If you have a question or something to convey, please feel free to contact us via our email: jean.rasyid@gmail.com or our legal contact as mentioned in our contact page.

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